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The L.I.T. program is for 13 – 15 year olds looking for an exciting and fun way to build life-long leaderships skills and grow spiritually as a follower of Christ. The LIT’s key role is to serve and support staff in a variety of camp’s activities. The LIT’s will learn and grow in a supportive setting, generous with feedback and mentorship from staff and director.

13 - 15 
Monday - Friday 8:45am to 4:15pm
Price: $60 per week

*13 year olds have a choice to come to camp as camper, or to apply for L.I.T. program. There is a possibility they can do both as well (come as camper for a week, then get accepted as LIT for a different week)

*Applications are due May 19th

*Decision about what week(s) L.I.T's are accepted will happen by May 26 (via email or phone call). 

*To apply, please fill out application and mail it back to:

Eagle Wing Adventure Camp 426 Buchner Rd Welland ON L3B 5N4 


What’s included?

  • Leadership training (teamwork, work ethic, responsibilities)
  • Leader’s In Training Manual (includes policies and procedures and devotional guide)
  • L.I.T. t-shirt (one for getting accepted, $10 for each additional one)
  • Off-site Trip on Wednesday (Safari, Bissell’s, Fallsview Indoor Waterpark)

What the LIT program looks like:

  • Observe and assist staff in daily operations of camp (songs, crafts, games, swimming etc)
  • Meet as LIT members for meetings several times a week to discuss LIT manual, camper observation, leadership skills, and devotional)

For any questions, call 905-397-5987 or email